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“Synth Punk” enigma N8NOFACE articulates the voice of the forgotten, living in the real-life dystopia of today

N8NOFACE by @valeriej.bower
N8NOFACE by @valeriej.bower
A fixture in the underground scene for some time now, whose aesthetic has resonated with younger artists such as H09909 — which collaborated on the track “Punk Police (unknown virus 5.)” off the latter’s 2018 ‘Cyber Cop’ EP, Los Angeles’ N8NOFACE returns with the 20-track LP BOUND TO LET YOU DOWN out now via Eyeball Records, the label that first introduced you to Thursday, The Casualties, Murder By Death and others.

In addition to streaming on all streaming platforms, a limited physical release bundle, which includes a cassette of the album and a t-shirt, is now available via THE HYV at this location.

N8 says, β€œBound to Let You Down is a collection of songs written, produced and performed by me. This record was inspired by break-ups, addiction and life lived outside the lines. I’m excited to release this project through a label like Eyeball.”

While N8NOFACE’s influences range from Suicidal Tendencies to Stones Throw compilations of minimal wave music, the sounds of BOUND TO LET YOU DOWN are a dirty melding of 80s/90s nostalgic synthpunk combined with the amalgamation of chaos heard in grimy Soundcloud rap tapes. This collection of 1-2 minute minimalist distorted dark synth movements and raw acoustic micro rage-ballads, challenges every listener to accept what the real world sounds like, and dares the complacent to be shocked out of their musical safety net of never-ending sameness.

On “Bound To Let you Down”, N8NOFACE assembles a collection of songs, sounds and lyrics deriving from the ongoing stories built through the lens of continued new realities. The generations of individuals getting left behind or ignored. An evolving glimpse telling the hard truth of police brutality, mental health, and the untold stories of the voiceless.

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Everyone likes to romanticize the working class. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you understand a perspective because you saw it in a Netflix doc or read something from a best selling β€œculture” critic. But what if you’re on the other side of that story, focused on survival, watching the world pay attention to all the wrong things, waking up each day fighting to get to the next.

What if the sci-fi dystopian future happening this very minute, is your reality, and all you have is a guitar, cheap synthesizer, old computer and a tangled rusty voice?

That’s the constant starting-line embraced by N8NOFACE from incarnation to present day.

While originally from Tucson, N8NOFACE made his way to Long Beach, then LA, to double down on the visual, audio and live expression naturally running through his veins, powering a perpetual and prophetic creative loop. It’s no surprise N8NOFACE can be found in viral protest clips and is used to textualize one of the mosty heavily-hyped video games of the new decade, Cyberpunk 2077, where he appears alongside artists such as Run The Jewels, Grimes, deadmau5, Hans Zimmer, Daft Punk and more .

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