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TAKING BACK SUNDAY interviewed by PureVolume

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Long Island’s TAKING BACK SUNDAY did an interview with PureVolume and discussed the reunion of their 2001 lineup and a lot more.

Shaun, you and John Nolan left the band around the time Taking Back Sunday was picking up. How easy (or hard) was it to get back together, make music and tour again?
It was surprisingly easy. We just got in a room talked out our differences from the past then started writing songs again. It was cozy like putting on an old pair of granny panties.
O’Connell: Having them back in the band is the only reason that this band is still together. Being a member of Taking Back Sunday has never been more fun.

What brought about the personnel change?
Well, John and I weren’t really doing anything and the band wasn’t really getting along I guess, so they asked us back. We all thought it was a splendid idea.
O’Connell: The band was (once again) going through a ton of personal and professional problems. I had remained friends with John and Shaun throughout the whole time they were out of the band. With the right timing in people’s lives, everybody agreed that having John and Shaun back was the right decision for everyone

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