Taking Back Sunday by Ashley Osborn
Taking Back Sunday by Ashley Osborn
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TAKING BACK SUNDAY’s “152”: emotive rockers return with raw emotion and melodic mastery

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Over two decades into their storied journey, Taking Back Sunday, the iconic band that has sold millions of albums worldwide, returns with their electrifying eighth studio album, “152“, finally out today under Fantasy Records. This much-anticipated release, following their 2016’s Tidal Wave, reaffirms their status as legends in the music scene.

Each track in the album pulsates with a raw, unfiltered emotion, set against the backdrop of their signature melodic craftsmanship. From the heart-wrenching confessions of “Amphetamine Smiles” to the deep yearnings of “The One“, the album promises a roller-coaster of emotions that resonates with both long-time fans and newcomers.

Frontman Adam Lazzara’s vocals remain as powerful and poignant as ever, invoking the same passion that made Taking Back Sunday a household name. Drummer Mark O’Connell’s rhythms, combined with John Nolan’s lead guitar and the bass of Shaun Cooper, give the album a layered depth that beckons for repeated listens.

The journey of creating “152” was a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft. Not just settling for mediocrity, the band workshopped their tracks with an intensity that reflects in the final product. This album is a testament to their evolution as artists, constantly surprising and pushing the boundaries of their sound.

But what makes “152” truly special is the vulnerability in its lyrics. Lazzara and Nolan open their hearts, offering listeners a peek into their world, making the experience deeply personal.

A special mention must be made to the album’s production and mixing. Tushar Apte’s production finesse combined with Neal Avron’s mixing magic makes “152” a treat for the ears.

Named after a section of road in North Carolina, the title “152” is symbolic, representing Taking Back Sunday’s roots and their journey so far. It’s a nod to their beginnings, their evolution, and the path that lies ahead.

152” is a testament to Taking Back Sunday’s enduring legacy. Their melodic prowess combined with raw, emotional depth makes this album a delightful listen. They are undoubtedly in top form, and this album serves as a reminder of their unparalleled contributions to alternative rock.

Here’s to legends who continue to inspire, evolve, and touch hearts.

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