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Tel Aviv hardcore punks KIDS INSANE are releasing a new EP with 6 fast-hitting songs titled ‘Who’s The Enemy’.

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KIDS INSANEhave revealed the first details of their new upcoming recording, filled with more powerful songs about politics, relationships, and the inner scene politics of a punk band from Tel Aviv. With the help of producer Yotam Ben Horin (from Useless ID) who has produced and worked on various Fat Wreck Chords releases (such as The Bombpops – Death In Venice Beach, NOFX, and many more), Kids Insane trim what was in the way to define a more accurate sound for this release. With songs under 2 minutes such as ‘Death To Love’(feat Yotam on vocals) and ‘Room For Terror’, the band comes stronger as ever and will soon reveal first new tracks!

After a decade of 4 releases (including reissues of the debut album “All Over” by Redfield Records and collaborations with Italian band “Slander”) and endless tours. The band now feels like they have reached a stage in defining aspects of the band in this release with a new drive.

The release opens with a statement, with the song “Won’t Stop Now” that declares that after all these years of the band, they are sure not compromising for anyone, if its world problems such as the economy and political structure crumbling or even having small problems like their van getting stuck on tour, this won’t stop Kids Insane from creating and the commitment to share that with the world.

“Who’s The Enemy” suggests that maybe instead of fighting each other in the small communities we need to remember to ask ourselves who is the real enemy, and what brought us to demand social and political justice in the first place?

Once it is safe to do so, Kids Insane are looking forward to going back on the road to play at festivals in Europe and the rest of the world like they did before. In the meantime, they are working on a new full length that will be out by next year.

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