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TEN FOOT POLE teasing new acoustic album; new song streaming

Veteran melodic skate punks TEN FOOT POLE are about to release their new acoustic album on October 9th via People Of Punk Rock Records titled Simmer Down. Now, and they have recently premiered a new song with accompanying video. Watch “Scars” above and read the official word from the band below.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Dennis Jagard comments: “It was satisfying to transform a high-energy, rock anthem into a slow, poignant, beautiful, acoustic tune. The song is a request to a mildly abusive loved one to reduce defense mechanisms built from long past hurts because without trust, we can’t grow beyond a feeling of being alone. The lyric video shows us simply performing, without adding the usual TFP bombast and humor, hoping the understated context allows listeners to feel the message.”

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