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TEXAS IS THE REASON interviewed by Alternative Press

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The legendary TEXAS I THE REASON, who are reuniting for a Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show in October, were interviewed by Alternative Press.


TEXAS IS THE REASON were one of the brightest lights in ’90s punk, winning over thousands thanks to their churning, chugging, aching post-hardcore that even got them courted by major labels. But then, just like that, it was over, after only a few short years of productivity and barely more than a dozen songs to their name. The band—vocalist/guitarist Garret Klahn, guitarist Norman Brannon, bassist Scott Winegard and drummer Chris Daly—briefly reunited in 2006 for a pair of shows celebrating the 10th anniversary of their sole full-length, Do You Know Who You Are?, before receding back into the shadows. That is, until now: Texas Is The Reason are reuniting once more, in celebration of Relevation Records’ 25th anniversary celebration October 11 at Irving Plaza in New York City (tickets for which go on sale at 1 p.m. on Friday, July 13). We caught up with Brannon to get the scoop.

What can you tell us about this reunion show?
NORMAN BRANNON: Well, the first thing we need to talk about, definitely, is that the show is October 11 in New York City at Irving Plaza with Underdog, Shades Apart, Gameface and On The Might Of Princes. It’s part of Revelation’s 25th anniversary festival, which they just finished doing a version of in California a couple months back. They actually asked us to play this, I think, before even the California shows happened. I think the original answer was “no,” and I think after the shows happened and after kind of thinking about it a little bit more, there was a little bit of reassessment on our part in terms of something that seems bigger than us in a lot of ways and that I think has something to do with the idea that we would actually get together and do it.

Revelation, obviously at one point in our lives, especially as young people before we were even on the label in the ‘80s—I mean, this is what we collected before our baseball cards. We loved Revelation Records, but more than that I was thinking about how personally, I’ve gotten rid of [most of] my vinyl over the years. There are a couple things that I have kept and as far as hardcore records go, I actually only own one, and it’s the New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is compilation, which I bought when it came out, I think in 1987 or ’88, and there was something about that copy when I look at it still, it makes me feel like I’m a part of something. And, to me, that was very crucial in my life, and I think anybody in our band would probably say the same thing. So, being a part of this festival became I guess more important and we kind of reassessed it, and we decided that it would be something that was worth playing.

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