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THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER streaming new intricate album; receive tons of amazing reviews

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After nearly 2 decades of their impressive activity,  American death metal mainstays THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are back with their 9th album “Verminous”, their most dynamic and melodic work to date. With this super exciting offering, the influential band have upped their game and progressed their music into adventurous soundscapes even more! Check out the full stream to listen for yourself and read some of the recent reviews shared by various music outlets from the web.

If anything, Verminous suggests that any crash back to earth will be at most forestalled and muted. As long as The Black Dahlia Murder continue to approach their career with eyes as wide open as they have on Verminous, they’ll rip and tear with the best of them for years to come. /

There’s no arguing that, up until now, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have a level of consistency that most bands could only dream of. Verminous continues this trend, and then some. Reinforcing their sonic arsenal with more neo-classical and black metal elements than ever before, the quintet are continuing to push the boundaries of how expansive modern death metal can be. This is THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER at their very best. /

They continue to work tirelessly to bring their horror-infused vision to life through an emotive blend of top-tier, blackened and melodic death metal. As they approach their 20-year mark as a band, I feel strongly that Verminous is an outstanding representation of their hard work and sets a new standard for albums to come. /

Verminous is another jewel in the crown of one of extreme metal’s most important, brilliant bands.  /

Verminous is a ride from start to finish, and unlike many others in the streaming age, it is an album designed to be listened to in full. Peaks and troughs are present in the record that only make sense in the wider context, and while each individual song is incredible in its own right, it is the sum of all of the parts that makes Verminous a true masterpiece of death metal, and gives it that oxymoron of melodic brutality. It feels like this is said with every single album that The Black Dahlia Murder put out, however this is truly their best work yet, and long may they continue to be a permanent fixture that we can all count on. /

Almost twenty years on and nine albums deep, The Black Dahlia Murder continue to develop and mature, while refusing to show any signs of stagnation. /

Virtually every band claims that their new record is heavier, more melodic and more dynamic than the last. For once, “Verminous” fulfills that promise. This is a deeper and smarter realization of the Michigan crew’s tried and tested formula, and one blessed with several of the finest songs they have ever written. Closer “Dawn of Rats” may be the finest of the lot: an instant anthem with a giant chorus, custom-built for the verminous souls celebrated here. Like I said, this band really matters, and this is a thunderous tour de force. File next to “Nocturnal” and “Ritual” as an unquestionable career peak. /

All in all, this album contains some urgent, visceral, melodic, technically-demanding compositions that pulverizes your eardrums while taking a soldering iron to your brain — and I mean that as a huge compliment. This is remarkably brutal stuff, and the band should be proud of their latest efforts. /

Verminous comes from a band that understands exactly what metal music is all about, whose approach transcends scene, genre and fad. As long as there’s an appetite for heavy music done right, The Black Dahlia Murder shall remain. /

The Black Dahlia Murder may have slightly changed their path, however, do not think that this has lessened how good the music the band create is. If anything, for me this is the best that they have created and is everything that you could want from a Death Metal release. Verminous will chew you up, shit you out and then have you asking for the same again. /

Melodic and atmospheric as well as punishingly vicious, Verminous is the twisted, thrashing sound of a band at the height of their game, yet with the promise of plenty more still to come. /

Adopting a new and more refined evolution is a step that has given the band a chance to show some of their less-appreciated colors, but it is one that has not come without roadblocks to a unified opus. The rich fantasy concepts that back some of the critical tracks emerge with cinematic grace and infectious melodies are abound in each of the album’s tracks, proof of a concept which has the strength and creative prowess to thrive as the band continues to move forward. Still, adding bits of melancholy and anthemic power has proven to be a step in the right direction for The Black Dahlia Murder, and is a strong follow-up to the fan-favorites of “Nightbringers.” Above all else, “Verminous” brings the heat with just as much heaviness as ever before, giving up none of their signature brutality to welcome in a new creative era. /

Throughout, the content of the album is nefarious and abominable, just the way fans of the band like it. With tracks like “The Leather Aprons Scorn” and “The Wereworm’s Feast,” which may or may not be a Lord of the Rings reference, the songs bring a wickedness to otherwise placid things. Sonorous, with a crystal clear authenticity in its audio, Verminous is a triumph in the hands of The Black Dahlia Murder. /


This album is easily the best thing The Black Dahlia Murder have done since EverblackVerminous is the melodic death metal album this band has always threatened to make and is a refinement of everything that ever made them great in the first place. This is sure to go over well with fans new and old and I can’t wait to see where the band goes next. /

Verminous is an ode to the deliciously filthy underworld of death metal – there is a feeling of calling the masses together here. The sense of comradery is summed up in the lyrics “Our legions assembling in masses unending / Our millions shall be one / In cess and filth the verminous live on.” /

Verminous shows that a band can stay consistent over the course of nine albums and not lose any of its luster. There’s a lot to take in during a listen of The Black Dahlia Murder, which will demand multiple listens from fans, but this is a welcome proposition to anyone who values a good headbang or air guitar run. /

In Verminous The Black Dahlia Murder have delivered that next level album every fan had been waiting for. It offers a growth in depth and technicality from previous releases and shows the band will be destroying our ear drums for years to come. /


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