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THE BLED about the break-up

Under The Gun Review conducted an interview with James Muñoz of THE BLED.

Following the announcement, you had nearly two months of preparations before performing your final North American tour dates. Did you, or do you feel you approached the last stretch of stateside date any differently than the countless runs before? If so, how? Further, did you collectively decide which cities would be the last to see you perform?

James: We never decide what cities we’re playing for, that’s mostly up to booking agents, but we definitely wanted to hit up as much of the country as we could in a month. As far as the approach, we always tried to play like it was our last show. This time it was actually going to be our last show so we definitely made sure we had enough Ten High whiskey, big clouds of pot smoke and stepped on cocaine in our systems.

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THE BLED live:

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