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The enigmatic introspection: hiçamahiç’s debut album transcends boundaries

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Mevzu Records and Salto Mortale Music have joined forces to bring you the captivating debut album of Istanbul-based shoegaze-emo band, hiçamahiç, featured on IDIOTEQ earlier this year. Delving into an eclectic mix of melancholic, romantic, and aggressive tones, this enigmatic five-piece has crafted a unique sonic experience that defies classification.

Behind the album’s powerful sound lies the creative talent of band members Emre (bass), Görkem (second guitar), Nazan (vox), Mutlu (drums), and Öykü (guitar), who have honed their skills in projects such as Hedonistic Noise, Pembe, and Slave Training.

The mix of hiçamahiç’s debut album was crafted by Mutlu Oral, with mastering by Will Killingsworth and artwork by Nazan Aydın. The album also features additional strings from Verda Saygıdeğer and additional guitars from Zafer Yerlikaya, enriching the auditory landscape.

hiçamahiç cover art

hiçamahiç’s inception was driven by the desire to create music that transcends boundaries and expectations. The band’s commitment to a fluid, ever-evolving sound means that their influences are as diverse as the emotions they evoke. This intentional ambiguity allows for a musical experience that is both personal and universal, making each listening experience as unique as the listener themselves.

The album comprises nine tracks, each offering a different facet of hiçamahiç’s emotional spectrum. The band’s ability to seamlessly transition between moods is showcased in the juxtaposition of melancholic and aggressive passages, while maintaining a romantic undercurrent throughout. Paying homage to their influences, hiçamahiç includes a heartfelt cover of a Nirvana classic, adding their unique touch to the grunge pioneers’ legacy.


hiçamahiç’s debut album is an exploration of raw emotions and sonic experimentation that defies genre constraints. With their refusal to be defined or limited by expectations, the band invites listeners to embark on a deeply personal and transformative journey through their music. It is an album that can be experienced, felt, and reinterpreted time and time again, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a truly immersive and thought-provoking musical experience.

What a journey.

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