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THE FRIDAY PROPHETS – “Guardian Angel” video

THE FRIDAY PROPHETS were formed in 2010 and released their debut album in late 2013. Titled “Bits & Pieces”, brings in the good old 90’s punk rock in the vein of GREEN DAY.

The band commented:

2014 has been amazing so far. We’ve played at The Cavern Club and Pub in Liverpool, UK. We’ve also played in Hamburg, Germany and Odense, Denmark as well as our hometown of Umeå. During this time we’ve been bringing a camera around with us and filmed some of our escapades.

A million thanks to Anna Henningsson for lending us her camera. Also a massive thanks to the people that have been letting us sleep in their homes while we’ve been on the road. And thanks to everyone that come out to our shows and share this community with us. We’re having a blast doing this and we’ve met some wonderful people.

Here’s our Tour video!

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