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THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET: Jason Köhnen (The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) returns to his experimentations within the realms of Jazz

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The Lovecraft Sextet is the Dutch artist Jason Köhnen‘s new creative outlet regarding further explorations into cinematic jazz orientated compositions. ‘In Memoriam’ is a debut inspired by death, release and rebirth. Jason Köhnen has chosen to incorporate funereal aspects of classical, operatic and Gregorian music for this debut release.

Today, we’re giving you his new dark and elegant new track “Funebre Macabre”, which proves Jason to intrinsically understand the confluence of composed music and dense, sometimes romantic atmosphere to deepen the imagery of his impressive work.

Pre-orders coming up via Denovali Records.

“This first release from The Lovecraft Sextet has taken death and the departed as main theme for the album.” – comments Jason.

“A funereal atmosphere translated to a somber funerary gathering. A misty victorian musical backdrop for griefing rainy days.”

The Lovecraft Sextet

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