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The mellow waves of RED PINE MUSHROOM

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In the labyrinthine web of today’s alternative music scene, where countless bands jockey for position, it’s the ineffable magic of authenticity and uniqueness that truly stands out. Enter Red Pine Mushroom, a beacon in the vast ocean of instrumental music. With their recent EP, ‘Vagrant,’ the band further carves out their niche, nestling snugly somewhere amidst post-rock and desert rock influences.

“It’s difficult to define the genre of our music, but we could describe it within the broad framework of instrumental music, post-rock, or even desert rock.” – says the band.

Perhaps it’s the serene charm of its landscapes or the profound depth of its history, but Poland’s underground music scene has been ripening beautifully, capturing attention across Europe. The assertion that Poland’s underground music scene might just be the best in Europe is audacious yet hardly misplaced.

Drawing focus onto the specific genre that Red Pine Mushroom thrives in, one encounters the likes of Lonker See, an exhilarating blend of jazz and rock; Próchno, a fusion of intense, intriguing instrumental tones with a heavy guitar sound; the more renowned Tides From Nebula, ever-evolving and globally acclaimed; and Riverside, hailed as an epitome of progressive rock.

Red Pine Mushroom’s music narrative is undeniably captivating: a tale of a wanderer guided by his sage. The journey takes him through the ebbs and flows of life, culminating with an existential “what now?” – a reflection on mortality. The evocative imagery inspired by their track “William Blake’s Death” hints at the possibility of light at the end of life’s tunnel, prompting one to question whether this symbolism is a metaphor or a marker of things to come.

William Blake's Death
William Blake’s Death

“Red Pine Mushroom is a journey with a predominantly positive theme, led by a wanderer guided by his sage.”

The rich tapestry of their sound is a tribute to the diverse influences the band members bring. Each member of Red Pine Mushroom finds inspiration in distinct corners of the musical world:

Konrad draws inspiration from the drum beats of Cult of Luna, the ambiance of The Ocean, the eerie calm of ARRM, and the vacuum-like feel of Entropia.

Czarny/aśwattha has a penchant for the simplicity of Neil Young’s “Dead Man” soundtrack, the unexaggerated contemporary post-rock of Yawning Man, the unique ambiance of Bardo Pond, and the eclectic mix of legends in The Desert Sessions Volume 9 & 10.

Mitch, on the other hand, resonates with the instrumental stoner vibes of Earthless and the experimental sounds of The Nazgul.

Here are their personal playlists, which encapsulate their musical journey and inspirations:

Konrad’s Playlist

Czarny’s Playlist

Mitch’s Playlist

While the band’s tunes are enchanting on digital platforms, it’s their live performances that truly mesmerize.

Konrad speaks of the Mystic Festival in Gdańsk, highlighting it as Poland’s paramount metal-rock fest, and the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, a sanctuary for underground bands. The latter especially paints a picture of a city submerged in music, with fans from every nook and cranny.

Red Pine Mushroom
Red Pine Mushroom live

Czarny found himself entranced by the concert of Sunn O)) in Poznań, where a sonic profundity was matched by a dazzling play of lights and smoke. Mitch’s experience with Megadeth in Katowice was a reminiscent journey through familiar, yet always evolving, musical realms.

Red Pine Mushroom may not claim the title of maestros, nor do they seek excessive adulation.

Instead, they stand as genuine artists, painting auditory landscapes while paying homage to those that inspire them. Their music is both an exploration and a reflection, and as ‘Vagrant‘ reaches more ears, the band’s journey continues to unfold, one captivating note at a time.

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