The new OFFSPRING single to be premiered on Friday?

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There have been several reports from radio stations, including the Los Angeles, California’s KROQ, who claim that THE OFFSPRING‘s new single “Days Go By” will be premiered on Friday, April 27th.

“Days Go By” happens to be from the band’s still-untitled new album, which is supposed to be released around this summer.

Portland, Oregon radio station KNRK 94.7FM posted tweeted following message on regarding the single:

Heard new offspring ‘as days go by’ , should have it next week. Classic offspring, awesome.. Should we play it? Do you care , I do! MarkH.

Aaron Axelsen, one of the DJs of the San Francisco, California radio station Live 105.3FM, also posted a message on Twitter regarding the single and claims that he has been listening to it. He states:

In music meeting right now listening to the new OFFSPRING ‘Days go By’ and PASSION PIT ‘take a walk’ tracks. Good stuff @LIVE105.


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