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THE NOCTURNES – “Aokigahara” (2011)

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THE NOCTURNES – “Aokigahara” (2011)

With a singular reverbed inhalation from vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle, Aokigahara oozes dreamily into existence. It follows with the haunting line, “Life steals up my breath” — but contrary to instinct, the mortality captured by these lyrics is not sad. Sonically speaking, it might even be construed as hopeful. With ethereal textures framing the aery vocals, blacks and whites blur into hues of grey, evading definite emotions, like manifestations of dark dreams while one lies in the radiance of morning light. / Redefine Mag

However, this is an album that pairs sonic darkness with uplifting melodies, giving a slight ray of hope to the depressive picture that Aokigahara creates. This adds a dimension that takes the music to another level, and differentiates The Nocturnes from a slew of simpler shoe-gaze driven bands.  
While this album isn’t exactly complex, everything is carefully placed and thought out, and produces a very heartfelt result. It is the emotion generated by this album that really sets it apart. / Sputnik Music


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