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The Power of Background Music Explored!

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Your life is set to a soundtrack. Whether you are at the shopping centre, out at a restaurant or sitting back watching a movie, there is also music playing, which sets the mood and, when done right, enhances your experience. Let’s explore the types of background music you encounter in your daily life!


Background music plays an important role in elevating the real money casino experiences in the slots. The combination of background and graphics creates a multisensory gaming experience. An excellent example of well-executed background music in online slots is the Mega Moolah game. The background music in Mega Moolah combines lively, tribal beats with the sounds of nature, which really makes you believe you are on a safari traverse across the African Savannah. The sounds of lions in the distance just sell the game’s overall narrative that much more.

Shopping Centers and Restaurants

When you venture into a retail store, you are often met with pop music playing in the background. The music creates an inviting ambience, encouraging you to explore all the shops. The type of store often influences the particular song chosen. For example, fast-fashion outlets tend to have more upbeat music, which gets customers hyped up to run around the shop. At the same time, luxury stores tend to play quieter, slower and more refined music which encourages customers to slowly pereuse the items and tap into their inner aristocrat. You typically won’t find Bach being played at H&M!

Restaurants use background music to get all of your senses going during your dining experience. The type of music played is related to the type of restaurant you find yourself at. While hard rock might add to the ambience of a dive bar serving incredible chicken wings and beer, it may be a shock at an upscale traditional French restaurant. Restaurants also have to be careful to get the decibels correct. Too often, when live music is involved, you can barely hear your dining partner and are contemplating throwing in your AirPods.

The Workplace

Background music isn’t used to inspire you to play or make purchases, it can also be used effectively in the workplace. In offices and workplaces, a well-curated playlist can boost productivity and morale. Upbeat, rhythmic tunes are often favoured in open-office environments, as employees feed off each other’s energy and are constantly collaborating. While softer, instrumental melodies are used in offices featuring cubicles as employees want to block out the outside world and focus on the task at hand. Nowadays you can find Spotify playlists which are specifically designed for work.

Background Music!

Background music has a powerful impact on our lives, from influencing emotions to enhancing experiences to triggering memories. The next time you are down at the supermarket, lunging in your favourite cafe or in the gym and hear some background music, take a pause and contemplate how and why this particular tune was chosen and its desired effect on your mood.

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