THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE finish their Kickstarter campaign; readying new music

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THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE successfully raised their funding goal on September 9, 2012. The band started the project to raise the funds for their early discography, pressed on vinyl.

Furthermore, the band is readying new tunes! The simply stated:

New songs written. Recording in 1 week. K bye.

the saddest landscape

About the Kickstarter thing, they issued the following statement:

Hey friends,

A fair amount of you have reached out to us over the past few weeks expressing your frustration that you couldn’t get the kickstarter items because you didn’t have a credit card. We are sorry about that- it was not our intention at all to exclude anyone from being able to get stuff. Unfortunately that’s just how kickstarter works.

So, what we’re going to do is starting now just until the end of this weekend, we added the box set and a few other rare items that we still have left over for the funding project to our store. All of the prices are exactly the same as during the fundraising project once shipping is included- we want to keep it fair to everyone that did contribute during the project. So if you wanted something at the time, but the kickstarter payment process prevented you from being able to get it, now you can do that up until tomorrow night.

And as for a quick status on the project overall, we’re almost done getting everything ready for production. We’ve gotten all the final quotes from the plants, finalizing the artwork this weekend, and if all goes well everything should be going into production next week!



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