EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY STATE) discography available for free!

EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY STATE) are offering their entire discography for free! Grab it here, but first have a look at what the band had to say following the big news:

You can now download our entire discography for FREE! It’ll be up free for a week! ♥ Head over to our Bandcamp page ( and go wild! All of the albums say “Name Your Own Price” but you can put zero orrrr anything you wish ;) The albums are in relative order from newest to oldest. We also uploaded all of Middle Discography too, so if you are looking for the most bang for your zero dollars, that is it. It’s a collection of a lot of EPs. Download everything though, and Count Your Lucky Stars Records will announce the winners tomorrow night! You can also get some of the physical copies from the CYLS and Topshelf Records webstores (most are at CYLS, OTSW is at Topshelf). Thanks for being the best fans in the world and caring enough to do all of this, we love you!

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