THEIR OCEAN OF WORDS’ new EP available for free!

THEIR OCEAN OF WORDS‘ EP “Circles” is officially out, available as a free download!

Here’s the band’s story:

Born in 2011from the ashes of few local bands, Their Ocean Of Words is a 5-pieces-band based in Rome, Italy. 4 months after the very inception, the band has released its first single ever, “June, 1957” and reached the current lineup. Actually signed with RR To Live Agency, the band has recorded their first EP ever-called “Circles”-coming out on May 18th. On Monday 7th, May, two tracks from the EP have been released via ReverbNation and are available in streaming on the band’s facebook page. The songs are called “Building Their Own Gomorrah” and “Circles”. The Release Party for the EP “Circles” is set on May 18th @ Closer live club in Rome, do not miss it!

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