Three One G celebrates the 25th anniversary of the record label!
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Three One G celebrates the 25th anniversary of the record label!

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Three One G celebrates the 25th anniversary of the record label with this montage video of Swing Kids’ cover of “Warsaw”, compiled by artist Displaced/Replaced.

“The rarity of developing such a nurturing and evolving community makes the accomplishment of Justin Pearson in building Three One G Records even more impressive and inspiring. Pearson formed Three One G twenty-five years ago, and with over 100 releases, it has supported eclectic and innovative artists across a range of genres, from the grindcore of The Locust, to the extreme metal of Cattle Decapitation, to the Hip Hop vibe of Planet B, to the spoken word of Adam Gnade to incendiary hardcore band Deaf Club. As Pearson tells it, he had one main goal in mind – to build a community around constantly evolving art.” –Psychology Today

Created in 1994 by Justin Pearson, a teenager at the time looking to release his bands’ music on a label that matched his own odd tastes and creative aesthetics, Three One G grew out of necessity more than anything. Since then, it has always been a labor of love, an all-hands-on-deck community approach to represent familiar faces, band mates’ bands, tour family, and those who are kindred spirits, that connect with the culture that the label holds dear. This includes acts spanning the world and across all styles, from Italian noise duo Zeus!, to New Orleans’ puppet show sweethearts Quintron and Miss Pussycat, to Mike Patton fronted hardcore savages, Dead Cross. Twenty five years later, the label has grown organically, taken on even more friends, family and misfits along the way, and unleashed unto the world over 100 strange, eclectic, fantastic releases since its inception. What started with innovative music and vinyl from bands like Unbroken, Blood Brothers, and Some Girls eventually branched out to include the same members of the Three One G family’s more recent projects, like Narrows, Head Wound City, and Secret Fun Club. In this way, the label serves as documentation of an auditory evolution for many musicians over the years.

Three One G Records

Where else could one find legendary rapper Kool Keith on the same label as a heavy, noisy band like Metz? Or a tribute to Queen with a cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Weasel Walter? Three One G is the vessel to build these winding, strange, impractical and yet somehow logical bridges between genres, regions, and every other barrier out there that exists to try to separate people who are more alike than they realize. It has managed to do this through its continued DIY ethos and stubborn efforts to maintain the same high, uncompromising standards that it has held itself to from the beginning.

Visit Three One G’s website, here, to explore and purchase any of their ever-expanding catalog of vinyl, CDs, books, and more.

The montage video for “Warsaw” was compiled and created by Displaced/Replaced (who has worked on music videos for multiple Three One G bands such as Planet B, Geronimo and Deaf Club).

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