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TIM TIMEBOMB AND FRIENDS official videos and loads of covers streaming! [UPDATE]

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RANCID‘s Tim Armstrong has released the official video for the song “Ooh La La”, by his new project TIM TIMEBOMB AND FRIENDS. In this new venture he’s collaborating with his fellow musicians, covering his favourite. The video below features BLINK-182‘s Travis Barker. Furthermore, Tim has recently released the official video for his version of “She’s Drunk All The Time”. All that stuff can be watched below.

You can listen to all tracks Tim or over here (scroll down) and on TIM TIMEBOMB AND FRIENDS‘ website.

[UPDATE] – More (!) songs added. Scroll down to hear them all.

Tim Timebomb and Friends is a place for me to share with you some of my favorite songs that I’ve recorded with friends of mine. I’ve always enjoyed sharing music, whether I’m just sitting around playing acoustic guitar with my friends or breaking out old 45’s. I guess you could call me a music nerd. I like everything from Bob Dylan to the Ramones, to Jimmy Cliff to Cock Sparrer. I plan to bring together a great group of players to record covers as well as some originals. I hope you dig it and encourage you to pass them on.

Originally released in 1973, this song was written by Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood for the Faces’ third album, also called ‘Ooh La La.’ As soon as Travis Barker heard my demo for this song, he wanted to play on it, we recorded at his studio the next day and made the video the day after. I have a long working relationship with both Travis and J Bonner. J is my favorite reggae bass player that I’ve played with and worked with me on Poet’s Life and the Jimmy Cliff album. Travis is in the Transplants with me. I’m so fortunate to get to play with these guys. In the video, there’s a shot of me standing on a garbage can on the corner of Durant and Telegraph, in the distance you can see the church where my parents were married in 1958. This song is dedicated to my dad Don Armstrong 1931-2012.

Here’s the rest of the videos and songs released by TIM TIMEBOMB AND FRIENDS:

PUBLISHED on November 13, 2012.
UPDATED on November 23, 2012 – more songs added.
UPDATED on December 4, 2012 – more songs added.
UPDATED on December 18, 2012 – more songs added – “Up To No Good” as the newest one.
UPDATED on December 31, 2012 – more songs added – “Cupid Aims” as the newest one.

UPDATED on January 17, 2013 – more songs added – “I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail” as the newest one.
UPDATED on January 30, 2013 – more songs added – “Life’s for Livin'” as the newest one.

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