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TOOTHWALKER surprises with cinematic mood and engaging kineticism with new post-progressive singles

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Based in Prague, Czech Republic, TOOTHWALKER is a three-piece instrumental outfit combining a post-rock atmosphere with heavy riffs and modern electronica.

“At the very beginning, Toothwalker was only our guitarist Michael’s one-man project, as he had tons of music ideas in his pockets.” – comments the band. “The rest of the band joined in early 2019. The same year we’ve also dropped our debut EP ‘TWENTYTWO’, which has got really good feedback from the worldwide post-rock community. This compilation is a collection of emotions, memories and feelings of a young individual facing challenges of adult life. It’s got some nice and soft post-rock elements on one hand and punchy guitar breakdowns on the other hand, which makes our music a little bit different from contemporary post-rock bands.”

In October 2020 the band released a new single ‘BURST’ featuring Nikita Tarassenko of The Contradiction on guitar.

“It has been a completely new experience for us, as we wanted to use elements we’ve never worked with before.” – shares the band.

For the love of a couple of different genres and styles, TOOTHWALKER’s goal is to mix djent, trap and post-rock atmosphere, and it’s indeed a rare fusion.

“Yes, it was challenging, but thankfully we came across a producer Vojta Pačesný (ex-Marina), who has similar music tastes as we do.” – continues the band.


“He had a lot of ideas on how to get the song out of everything and add things there that the listener wouldn’t expect and we think that it finally turned out better than we thought. Overall, it gave us a lot, for example until that moment we worked with the philosophy “what you record, you have to be able to play”. Vojta simply stated that it’s bullshit, because it’s not giving the band any chance to get better. He was right and we’re happy for it.”

Fun fact: ‘BURST’ could be considered as the typical product of globalized world. Whilst the band is from Czechia, the guest guitarist Nikita Tarassenko has actually recorded his guitar in Belarus (and he’s from Kazakhstan) and to top it all off – the mix and mastering was done by the excellent sound engineer Simone Pietroforte from Italy!

In November 2020, the band has unveiled another new song called ‘Snowflakes on Mývatn’.

“This one is way softer than the last single.” – explains the band. “A few months ago, our guitarist Michael has visited Iceland and was totally stoked by the beauty and peace of local nature. He travelled across the whole country, but the Mývatn area and its surroundings fascinated him the most. ‘Snowflakes on Mývatn’ has been written as a memory of this unusual experience.”

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