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Top 10 artists to inspire experimental mellow indie rock, by Florida based MIDNIGHT SATIRE

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“Augmented Reality”,  the new EP from Florida-based indie-experimental project MIDNIGHT SATIRE is the first full release from solo artist Christian Kady. A six track, 20 minute piece of artistry that blurs the sounds between indie rock, ambiance, and aspects of eletronica to create this incredible feeling of a nostalgic present. Something I believe we have all felt from time to time in our own ways.

Words by Noelle Janasiewicz of Doors at 7

“By starting off the record with A.R. you are entranced with a combination of acoustic guitar and digital synths accompanied by a gritty digitized vocal track. This contrast between acoustic and digital sounds gives you the feeling of nostalgia while reminding you of the very daunting present and future of everyday life. The tracks that follow do so seamlessly. Rather than ending they bleed into one another carrying the album along.

The record focuses very much on the mundane aspects of being constantly connected to our phones and social media, while also contemplating the realities of physical life and what it means to be alive in this very digital world we are surrounded by. A Not-So-Serious Man really harkens to the idea of being engulfed in social media and the false realities while figuring out one’s own purpose and feeling miserable in comparison to these ultra-perfect ideas of life. These ideas are juxtaposed with a very bright and enjoyable sound that never makes you feel too overwhelmed with these concepts, but rather enough to create contemplation while listening.

Midnight Satire

The record finishes with a six minute track titled Cycle of Spira which reflects on the end of life, how moments become timeless and years pass before you realize until your final day. It only makes sense to finish a record focusing on life and it’s passing with its final destination, death. But this is not a sad view on death, rather it’s telling that death is nothing to be afraid of, it’s about your reflection on life and how the other side lies a whole new life ahead. The songs starts off subtle and reminiscent picking up until it becomes a very upbeat, hopeful tune, sounding almost excited for what is to come. A very impactful way to end a record focusing on the sadder more existencial side of life. There is not a dull moment here as every track brings its own flavor to the album bringing everything together.”

Augmented Reality is out now via streaming services and to celebrate, we have teamed up with Christian to give you his top 10 most inspirational artists, whose art helped him to craft this great piece of music.

1. Manchester Orchestra

I’ve been fan of Manchester Orchestra for over a decade. Their sound has had a permanent impact on how I approach songwriting.

2. Anthony Green

I am a modest fan of Circa Survive, The Sound of Animals Fighting and his early days in Saosin, but his solo work is some of my favorite work he’s done.

3. Hop Along

Frances Quinlan has one of the coolest voices in the scene. I think I’ve listened to “Tibetan Pop Stars” no less than a thousand times.

4. Drake

I know this one might sound a bit weird, but they way he opens up Views with “Keep the Family Close” really inspired the way “A.R” attempts to create a set and setting of the entire EP.

5. Bright Eyes

One of the most backhanded compliments a lead singer can receive is ‘Your voice sounds like Conor Oberst”.

6. David Bazan

One of the most underrated compliments a lead singer can receive is “Your voice sounds like David Bazan.”

7. Kevin Devine

I’ll admit that I took “Positive N.D.A. to one of his songwriter’s sessions. He told me that he liked the jingle-jangle of the acoustic rift. No number of streams will match this compliment.

8. Jorge Ben

I don’t speak very good portuguese, but I do speak “acoustic guitar bangers’’. and this man wrote quite a few of them.

9. RX Bandits

I can’t say I’ve mastered the art of merging prog-rock, punk and ska quite as well as these gentlemen, but we did use horns.

10. Pile

This band decides by shear force that any note is in the right key. I like that. Kyle does not.

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