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Top 10 pop punk videos by Florida’s SIGNS OF PROGRESS (new video streaming!)

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Drawing on all that is great about pop punk, “Safe Haven“, the latest EP from our recent guests, Gainesville power pop punk rockers SIGNS OF PROGRESS blasts it out with a hopeful spirit and posi energy that all need right now. The band just released another music video in support of the record, and to celebrate, we caught up with them to give you their top 10 pop punk music videos ever.

The “Bones Exposed” video was self-directed (*edited by Patrikk Hammer) and shot in the band’s hometown of Gainesville. The single itself is already sitting at over 11K streams on Spotify since its release earlier last fall, along with their previous single “Admit It” gaining nearly 40K streams and significant traction on TikTok. Recently, their new EP Safe Haven premiered here on IDIOTEQ and “Bones Exposed” was previously featured on Spotify’s official New Punk Tracks playlist!

SIGNS OF PROGRESS by James Lightner
SIGNS OF PROGRESS by James Lightner

1) “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me'” – Fall Out Boy

“Still a better vampire story than Twilight… all joking aside, this is easily one of my favorite music videos not just because I love this song, but it tells you a tale. One with lots of angst and cameos from other band members, but that’s what makes it memorable.” – Sage Viscovi

2) “Your Graduation” – Modern Baseball

“This video really does have a deep message associated with it. Growing up, I wasn’t ever a popular kid in school and pretty much disassociated with everyone outside of my small immediate friend group. This video embodies that whole feeling and really hits home for me. It wasn’t until after my graduation that I really found myself and who I wanted to be.” – Trent Fraley

3) “All Downhill From Here” – New Found Glory

“The performance aspect of this video was just filmed in front of a green screen, so it could have been a concept video of just about anything. They went with this fantasy world they based off their album cover, and it made for a striking visual and engaging video. I hope we have the budget to do something similar one day.” – Jarred McKinney

4) “What’s My Age Again” – Blink-182

“Art is seen to be about making something for people to enjoy, but the best artists always find a way to put themselves into their work. I know this video concept is dumb and funny, but honestly it fits their personalities perfectly.” – Justin Burger

5) “Nice Guys Finish Last” – Green Day

“This is the result of taking Varsity Blues and the Vans Warped Tour and tossing them both into a blender, giving you a music video that is hilariously stupid and also so 90’s that it hurts (in a good way). The part where a fan tackles Billie Joe to the ground gets me every time.” – Sage Viscovi

6) “Gold Steps” – Neck Deep

“This video is really what I envision pop punk to be. When I was in high school, me and my friends did wild stuff like this all the time. Skateboarding was my day-to-day, and being wild and reckless was the name of the game. This video embodies that whole vibe.” – Trent Fraley

7) “Ocean Avenue” – Yellowcard

“This video was a really cool take on the concept of a time loop and could even be perceived as purgatory in a sense. Everything about this video reflects the energy and feel of the song, and does a great job of sparking imagination in the viewer.” – Jarred McKinney

8) “History is Bunk” – Gnarwolves

“Someone in the comments for this video wrote that it’s ‘the triumph of successfully expressing frustration and pain,’ as well as ‘the liberation that expression brings.’ I found this to be quite profound for a video that is quite literally just the members yelling the lyrics into a camcorder in typical DIY fashion, but somehow that sentiment makes sense here.” – Sage Viscovi

9) “Greatest of All Time” – New Found Glory

“This video is special to me less because of the video itself, but more because of what it has come to represent. This video was released right at the start of COVID-19. I didn’t realize it as anything special at the time, but when I think about high energy shows and going back to the way things were, this is always the first thing that comes to my mind.” – Justin Burger

10) “In Too Deep” – Sum 41

“I think this one’s pretty universal – most pop punk fans will probably agree with us on this one, it’s certainly held up over the years. Also, the part where Dave Baksh rises up out of the water for his solo will forever remain absolutely legendary.” – Sage Viscovi

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