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Top 10 things to hate about Christmas

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I bet a lot of you couldn’t articulate the myriad of complex feelings you have around this time of year and the holidays. The last thing you want is for you and your closest to spend money on Christmas presents, especially amidst the tough era when a lot of us are struggling with our moods and often our financial well-being. This made us consider all of the things we hate about the holidays, and we have teamed up with our German guests from punk rock band CONFUSED to list some of the reasons for you in no particular order.

Melodic alt indie punk rock band CONFUSED hail from Southwest Germany, where they formed back in 2001, inspired by the sound of 90s punk rock and alternative rock, giving it now a modern touch, resulkting in aperfect treat for fans of Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Rise Against, Hüsker Dü, Weezer, Bush, Foo Fighters, Millencolin, and Face to Face. They played far over 400 shows in small clubs and bigger festivals in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands and this December they’re back with their brand new album – BLACK COLOURS – out now on CD and on all streaming platforms.

10 Things to Hate About Christmas, by Attila from CONFUSED:

The Feelings

I hate to put a smile on my face, just because it is Christmas. All this hypocrisy in this particular time of year makes me sick. At the table with the family, seeing some just once a year and telling themselves everything is fine. Look, Christmas doesn’t fix your relationships.

The Depression

Why is it that most suicides happen in December?

Guess what? That is a myth. Despite this I get the yearly winter blues every year because of my Top 10 things I hate about Christmas, resulting in being really annoyed and grumpy and sad. Nevertheless, try to talk to people who could find themselves in an lonely and depressing state and listen to them.

The Weather

Summer is my favourite time of year. Grey, dark, short, wet and cold days even without snow, because of climate change, is simply not my case.

The abominable Christmas Music

Hearing the same old Christmas songs every year again is kind of really annoying. The newest smooth jazz version of „All I want for Christmas is you“ is lurking behind the corner to torment my ears. Especially Wham’s „Last Christmas“ makes me want to puke my brain out and push my finger into my eyes.

The Lies

One of the first lies we tell our children, probably affecting them for life I think for bad or even good, is telling a story of Santa und legitimating the mechanism of lying. And learning one of the first disappointments in life.

Santa Claus

Why is it, that Santa has to be a fat, old guy with a long, white beard?

Since 1931 the Coca Cola Company uses this picture of Santa with his coat in Coca-Cola-red. Everytime I see him, I think of the poor people in countries, where this company sucks out the water of the ground, plundering and representing a pervert, money-making brand with an hypocritical face. Makes me sad and there a sooo many people, who just don’t care. So the next time you are mixing your cheap whiskey, just think about it.


The Church

Ahhh, you are one of those honorable christians, who visit the church once a year to wash all your sins away. Stay away!

The Gluttoney

I love eating and good food. I handle stress and emotions or bad feelings by eating and I mean stuff myself until I doesn’t feel the empyness inside me anymore for the next few hours. You can do this perfectly on Christmas. But this is defintely not healthy.

The Presents

Instead of bying crappy christmas presents and making useless or thrashy presents, just go and invest your money into something good like this.

The Decorations

Black is my soul and my heart. There are so many ugly decorations out there, shining in all colours at the neighbours garden burning my eyes. There are even stores filled with Christmas crap open all year, where I ask myself, how can they generate so much sales, so they can exist. And also here, just stop buying this shit and spend your money elsewhere.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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