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Top 10 two-piece acts in alternative rock, metal and punk – BINGE shares top duos you need to hear

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Manchester-based instrumental math/noise rock duo BINGE have unleashed their highly anticipated debut EP “Toothache“. The balaclava-clad duo, consisting of Rob Sewell on guitar and veteran drummer Mark Heron, are known for their menacing sound and have quickly built a strong reputation in the UK live circuit. Their chaotic and high-energy barrage of muscular math-rock caught the attention of revered festival ArcTanGent, which ultimately became the ultimate stage for artists of their genre. Immediately stoked about this new offering and hungry for more inspirations, we asked the band to give us a list of 10 of their favourite two-piece acts. BINGE have compiled a compelling roster of both well-known and lesser-known bands that are worth exploring for enthusiasts of noise rock, math rock, and experimental instrumental rock. Check it out further below, but first, be sure to dive into “Toothache”!

BINGE were invited to perform a live studio set for the cult YouTube series Melting Butter Sessions at RAMA Sound Studios in Mannheim, Germany, where the duo built the basis of this debut 6-track EP, capturing their raw, live freneticism in all its chaos.

The EP features six unrelenting bursts of sonic mayhem, using home-built pedals to control bass tones while the duo works off each other in complete symbiosis. Compositionally inseparable, they find a call-and-response amongst their ferocious breakneck performances.

Toothache” opens with “Metatronian”, an intense and giddy track that sets the tone for the EP. It leads to the chugging acrobatics of “Wrest Asunder”, and finally, the dizzying epic finale “Insipid”. This record is a workout for the senses, and the listener is swept into a maelstrom of frantic, stuttering guitar riffs and choppy, cyclic powerhouse drums.

BINGE still brings weight and heft to their sound, as if both guitar and drums are taking the lead spot, often tightly wound together. This isn’t a record to be experienced sitting down, as BINGE commands your attention and your energy.

Formed in 2018, BINGE have played across the UK with the likes of Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, 72%, Colossal Squid, and more. The duo has also performed at ArcTanGent and Kendal Calling festivals. The pair hopes that Toothache will expand their audience further and allow them to travel and tour further afield.


For fans of Lightning Bolt, Don Caballero, Poly Math, Body Hound, and Shellac, BINGE’s Toothache is a must-listen.

BINGE’s Toothache was self-released on their Bandcamp page and various streaming sites starting on April 1st.


Top 10 2-piece acts, by BINGE:

1) Lightning Bolt

The big one for us, they were the main inspiration for me to start writing the tunes that would eventually become BINGE. We got to support them when they came to Manchester last year which was a dream come true for both of us. Brian Chippendale described us as ‘ferocious’ and used Mark’s snare for their set after he broke the skin on his.

2) Zeus!

We both love these guys, they have such a purposeful intensity to their sound and clearly enjoy using similar rhythmic devices to us when putting together their tracks.

3) Hella

Another who need no introduction, they’ve had a few different incarnations but the quintessential Spencer Seim/Zach Hill combo is just brain-melting.

4) Pneu

This is a french duo consisting of guitarist Jérôme Vassereau and drummer Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy – Mark’s old band Kong played with them a couple of times a few years ago. It’s explosive and high energy, with a joyous playfulness to it, too.

5) Hot Bone

BINGE wouldn’t exist without these two, we met each other through the guitarist Luke Geaney, who would go on to form Niskala, which we both played in. They aren’t active at the moment but they came out of retirement once before so hopefully they will again so we can play together.

6) Melt Banana

Perhaps not best known for being a duo, though they have been for ten years this year! We played with them on our first big support slot back in 2019, which was also the first time we met…

7) Slap Rash

Manchester-based brother and sister duo who opened up that Melt Banana show and have since been gigging hard, making a name for themselves up and down the UK and beyond.

8) Yes Grasshopper

These are a relatively new band from the North East of England, we’d love to share a bill with these guys soon.

9) Planets

‘Brutal prog’ from California that Mark discovered down a youtube rabbit hole.

10) Cassie

Mysterious two piece from Barrow in northwest England, not too far from us. A drunk person in a pub told me to check them out and I did and they’re great.

….and we have to also just say: while we know they aren’t a two piece…”THE LOCUST

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