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Top 17 Grindcore Releases of 2022, by Lyon vicious act CIVILIAN THROWER

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Fresh off the crushing new release of “Trebuchet Showroom”, the newest album from Lyon, France bansed band CIVILIAN THROWER (members of Whoresnation, Hordur, Lovgun, Matrak Attakk, RAN…) join us for a list of their top grinding releases of the year!

The band will be touring Spain and Portugal in support of the new release later this month and in January on a 17 gigs tour. Check out the full itinerary below. “Trebuchet Showroom” is out now on CD and tape via Lixiviat Records, Repulsive Medias & Zillion of Meat Records.

Born in 2020 during a painful quarantine, Civilian Thrower is a grindcore gang featuring members from Lyon, Grenoble and Paris. CxT is a tribute to old school grindcore and seeks influence in bands like EXCRUCIATING TERROR or WARSORE.

Bodyrot : Fleshworks (Carbonized, Grindfather)

Raw grind from Victoria CA, 1st release, really looking forward what’s coming next!

Deterioration – Retaliatory Measures (Shattered Dreams)

34th releases in 13 years & still relevant in the neverending dank blastbeats & delicious high pitched voices.

Grotesquerie – Composted Beyond Recognition (Repulsive Medias)

1st full lenght of our swiss buddies. Pot-themed brutal deathgrind, less gory than the previous splits but way more greasy.

Internal Rot – Hack Sessions (Psychocontrol, Blastasfuk, Grindfather)

No new songs, recorded live in a studio 11 years ago, released on cd 3 years ago but always important to mention Internal Rot whatever it costs (and lp was out in 22)!

Massgrav – Slowly We Rock (Lixiviat, Selfmadegod)

Fastcore Swedish rockers back at it, always fast always good!

Morgue Breath : Expectoraciones Exequiales Desde Las Profundidades Fantamiasmáticas (Headsplit)

4 track tape recorder in 2022? Yes! Ugly horror themed grindcore, paying tributes to the gory 90s.

Morbid Angel Dust – Demo + Retaliation EP (Calvos 73)

Raw old school grindcore from Slovakia, crude blast, we need more band like this.

Ona snop s/t 7″ (Nerve Altar, Coxinha)

Fastpunk genius from the mighty punk scene from Leeds, UK. Always awesome for dancing especially live, no chance you get bored of it!

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists (Obliteration, Larvae)

French goregrind masters’ new album, gore at its best.

Triac – Pure Joy – Numb Grief-Stricken Animals (RSR)

Grindcore superband from Baltimore really aggressive with many cool riffs!

Thieves – Therapy Session (autoprod.)

LA Grindcore. Seems that Excruciating Terror got robbed by good Thieves.

Shitbrains / Controlled Existence – Split Ep (Psychocontrol)

If you love your grind with a pinch of powerviolence go for it, LA versus Praha, play fast or don’t.

Shitgrinder – s/t (RSR, Headsplit)

Another « shit-something » band. Finest Raw Grindcore like Aussies grindheads can do.

State Terror – No Present No Future (Humanicide, Repulsive Medias)

You miss Denak? Here you go. Spanish old school (means politically on purpose & musically primitive) grind as fuck.

SxFxC – Humanatrocity (autoprod.)

All the good grind bands hopefully don’t only came from Europe & North America. Those peruvians know how to blasts

UNDERGROUND MANIACS – NOT ON THE INTERNET but here is their bandcamp with other releases.

Trucidio – Demo 2022 (autoprod.)
Insect Warfare type of shit, Fajardo on drums, awesome.

Whoresnation – Dearth (Lixiviat, Carbonized, Bones Brigade)

A bit of self promo, grindcore/death metal, fRance.

Catch Civilian Thrower live at the following shows:

28/12 : Goutrens @ Lengouyrou
29/12 : Toulouse @ Pavillons Sauvages
30/12 Donostia @ Mogambo
31/12 Llodio @ Orbeko Etxea
01/01 Unquera @ Los Bancos de Atrás
02/01 Braga @ TBA
04/01 Lisboa @ VORTEX – LX
05/01 Setubal @ KOT
06/01 Cordoba @ AC Tugurio
07/01 Malaga @ CSA Las Vegas
08/01 Dalias
10/01 Madrid @ Let’s go Rock bar
12/01 Barcelona @ Los Blokes Fantasma
13/01 Lyon @ Grrrnd Zeroooo !

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