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Top 3 alternative acts from Dayton, Ohio, by indie emo band MINOR ‘LOVE

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Dayton, Ohio indie emo band Minor ‘Love is gearing up to release their new self-titled EP on April 14 via Acrobat Unstable Records. The EP includes their 2022 single “Stratosphere,” as well as the just-released “God’s Design,” showcasing the band’s modern take on 90’s indie rock, combined with Midwest emo tendencies.

This time around, Minor ‘Love has crafted a more claustrophobic and dark sound that harkens back to their Insults era, as the EP reflects on the band’s past and the forgiveness that comes with growth.

Sonic, a song written back in 2018, is included on the EP, making it fitting to self-title the work. With big, soaring hooks, fidgety rhythms, and some screamy desperation, the new EP is set to offer a unique sound that fans won’t want to miss.

To celebrate their new era, we asked theband to give us their top picks for Dayton, Ohio bands worth a check!

Cory: I would have to say Yirf. They began around the same time as us and they create music that I can say is truly different from the standard of underground music.


They embody a spirit of punk that cannot be sanitized or doled out like other aspects of that label. They make music look and sound fun.

Austin: For me it’s Sign Language I genuinely feel they stick out to me from the rest. They’re absolutely insane live, they have a the perfect amount of yells and cleans for an emo band.

Sign Language by Carlisle Jones
Sign Language by Carlisle Jones

I like that when you listen to them it’s almost a floating atmospheric feel, but also like the world is falling apart. And they’re all around just good people.

Joey: Joey: I looooove Knavery! They’re a band we’ve been crossing paths with for a while now.


They dropped Control last year and I swear I bragged about Liminal like it was my own song. I think we all chose the bands we did for the same reasons.

All of these musicians are super captivating whether it be through Spotify or performing right in front of you!

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