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Top 5 Emerging Bands in Seattle, by PASTEL FACES

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Defying easy categorization, striking a harmonious balance between melodic hardcore, emotive post hardcore from your favorite 00s era and pop-punk, Seattle-based rockers Pastel Faces have made a return to the scene with their latest EP, “Blossom“.

Straddling the genres of melodic hardcore and pop-punk, Pastel Faces captivate listeners with Jonno Ruiz’s powerful lead vocals and catchy, standout choruses. The band demonstrates a high level of technical prowess, while still creating space for deep and genuine narratives.

Following their debut single, “Dead Weight” in 2021, this Seattle-based quartet has steadily grown its fanbase along the West Coast.

Hailing from a city renowned for its innovative and pioneering guitar-driven music, Pastel Faces consistently avoids being boxed into a single genre. Their upcoming five-track EP, Blossom, harmoniously intertwines pulsating riffs and compelling hooks. Dillon Patrick, one of the band’s own members, has produced this EP, effectively merging various influences to create an atmosphere that is brimming with emotion and vitality, showcasing the full range of Pastel Faces‘ skill and sincerity.

Comprised of five unique tracks, the new EP provides a reflective and powerful exploration of life’s ups and downs, heavily intertwined with the theme of mental resilience.

Silver Lining” starts with melodic hardcore influence, focusing on the idea of optimism even in the face of adversity. “Sakura Bloom” introduces a fusion of genres, celebrating the vitality of life, while “No Requiem” presents a fast-paced musical journey inspired by Japanese anime and video game narratives. The penultimate track, “Stay,” delves into emotional depths with its narrative centered on safety and love in relationships.

Lastly, “Heaven Sword” encapsulates the essence of Pastel Faces, blending diverse musical elements to highlight the struggle and triumph over mental health issues.

Pastel Faces


The EP’s lyrics, songwriting, and unique sound provide listeners with a blend of emotional and energetic experiences, representing the band’s multifaceted musical identity.

In the spirit of celebrating the EP and Seattle’s vibrant music scene, here are five emerging bands from the city that you should keep an eye on.

Pastel Faces’ Top 5 Emerging Bands in Seattle

No Home

Melodic Hardcore

If you want fast/aggressive/melodic/emotional subjects all in one, then this is the band that’s perfect for you. These guy’s deliver the same energy live. Their song “Nothing Gold Can Stay” empathizes with people who struggle day to day with mental health, depression, etc. The engagement that this band offers that expression through this song. Along with songs like “Narrative” which channels the mentality of self-doubt, melodically this band does not cut any corners. They simply just want to make you either mosh or circle-pit all day long, if not just vibe and connect emotionally. They recently started teasing new music so be on the lookout for that.

Designer Disguise

Metalcore / Pop

This is a band that constantly evolves every time they release a new song. From metalcore to rnb to pop to nu-metal, they always deliver. Their album “Elswaer” displays all these characteristics very prominently. From “Abandon Ship” has that contrast of nu-metal rap with singing/screaming throughout to huge choruses like in “Stardust”. For a band that fleshes out so many genres at once, they are able to make a cohesive unit. Not to mention they’re simply just a fun band to watch and listen to. With covers like “Get Low” to “Chandelier” , you can sense they’re able to tackle almost any song you toss their way and make it work so well.

Dusty Cubby

Midwest Emo/Alternative

They’re pushing the midwest emo scene to the northwest 😎 Midwestern emo? More like Northwestern Emo 🤓 That alternative feel along with a more upbeat grunge these guys deliver are what makes them stand out in the PNW. Their nostalgic feel from songs like “Cwasont” that capture that early alt sound while staying upbeat. To their recent songs like “Yukon Sucker Punch” which delivers a constant growth from this band with the more emo aggression. You’re in for a treat if you ever catch these guys live.

Thirty Seven


Discovering this band was a gem. They’re right in that sweet spot between grunge and emo. They deliver raw emotions with their progressive build up in vocals to compliment their ethereal chordings. In their song “Bleed” feels like a journey with stops and surprises, you won’t be disappointed. The arrangement in “Estranged” sets another good example that this band has made their mark in their music, they know what they’re about and we can’t recommend them enough. Be on the lookout for their new releases.


Metallic Hardcore

One of the most exciting hardcore bands there currently is in the Seattle scene, Kaizo came out swinging with their debut EP “Discard Vol: 1” in early 2021, which features songs such as “Unjust” and “Eulogy”. They followed this up with their EP “Discard Vol: 2” which not only continued the sound they had established on the former EP, but evolved their mixture of heavy hitting guitars and lyrics about the sheer hopelessness of life. Anytime they’re on a lineup you can guarantee that the entire front of the crowd will be full of people hardcore dancing throughout their whole set. Whether we get a Discard Vol: 3 or something else entirely, whatever they have in store in the future is guaranteed to only elevate them even more.


Honorable mentions:

  • Pine Box – Metallic Hardcore
  • Rather Ordinary Dudes – Emo/Math Rock
  • The Lion and The Sloth – Post Hardcore/Shoegaze
  • Eyas/Luna – Metalcore/Hardcore
  • Lillith. – Metalcore
  • Dark Harbor – Post Hardcore
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