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Budapest hardcore band TOUCH discuss new EP “Deliverance”

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Drawing inspiration from hardcore heavyweights such as Bad Brains, Burn, and Absolution, Budapest-based band Touch have carved a niche with their distinctive 80’s NYHC influenced sound and a dash of Washington DC hardcore vibe.

Being no stranger to the hardcore scene, Touch have enthralled audiences throughout Europe, sharing the stage with renowned bands such as Turnstile, Cro-Mags, and Defeater, and released two EPs and an album that have all resonated with listeners in both Europe and beyond.

With their upcoming release, Touch continues to explore their unique blend of hardcore roots infused with trippy fuzz, psyched-out reverb, and dive-bomb laden thrash elements. Having previously released two EPs – “Illusion Of Truth” (2016) and “Rearrangement” (2017) – and their 2019 album “The Darkness Reflects”, the band continues to push their agenda, and “Deliverance” is a great follow up to their previous offerings.

Today, we delve into the track by track exploration of this new EP, which invites you for a journey through cognitive dissonance, relentless perseverance, and personal burnout, all against the backdrop of their unmistakably hardcore sound.


The first song of Deliverance is about dealing with cognitive dissonance, which is a mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs don’t line up with your actions. We need to dampen our pride and – it may sound cliché, but – we have to accept the fact that nothing in life is set in stone.

Recurring Cases:

The main theme of this song is a really simple one that’s been talked about millions of times: not giving up, even when you feel like bad luck is always by your side, and there’s no escape from the cycle. Eventually you keep going forward and forward, no matter what, that’s the only way.

Spirit Guiding:

The song’s lyrics convey a sense of change and a struggle to maintain stability. The idea of letting go of fears and losing touch with reality is presented as a way to truly live. The lyrics also depict a dream-like state, with references to an electric touch, passionate moments, and nights filled with recklessness and emotions.

All about love, acceptance and trust.


Generally speaking, this song is about burnout. We always look back, what period of our lives brought us the most satisfaction, compare the present with the past. It can be a useful reflection but also leads to (toxic) pursuit of happiness.

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