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Top London Female Post-Punk Bands: mid-2017 recommendations!

Punk has evolved but hasn’t lost any bite, as the women now rule the scene in London. With bands like BIG JOANIE, FRAU, and SKINNY GIRL DIET denizens of the metropolitan city will struggle to ignore the loud and proud protestations of London’s post punk female generation.

If you thought punk had been laid to rest years ago, you are wrong. As the political climate intensifies, the voices of dissent return louder than ever to scream at the mainstream and offer an alternative marching beat.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are a host of female post-punk bands based in London that are making a name for themselves. If these bands interest you, then be sure to go in search of more like them and share your recommendations in the comments below.


SKINNY GIRL DIET by Katinka Herbert

Photo by Katinka Herbert

Ironically named to show their disdain for the image of women promoted by the mainstream media, SKINNY GIRL DIET have been rocking London since their formation in 2010. The group grew out of sister duo Ursula and Delilah Holliday’s Typical Girl two piece that became SKINNY GIRL DIET with the inclusion of their cousin Amelia Cutler. Whilst Cutler has left the band this year SKINNY GIRL DIET has continued in the form of Ursula and Delilah.

The group had been playing together since their early teen years, and have been feminist art punk through and through ever since. Their musical influence can be seen to be derived mainly from metal and punk. Their political influences are far reaching and they have cited feminist and musical idols like Sister Rosetta Tharpe as important to their development.

Powerful, political and loud. SKINNY GIRL DIET Diet are full of energy and continue to rage with characteristic fervour at the perpetrators of societies inequalities.


SHOPPING by Simon Holliday

Photo by Simon Holliday

Spearheaded by the killer vocals of Rachel Aggs, SHOPPING whilst not an all-female band, is a post-punk trio that delivers smart and piercing lyrics, with catchy riffs and thumping beats.

Emerging from their former band, Covergirl, Aggs on guitar and vocals, Andrew Milk on drums and Billy Easter on bass guitar put together a neat trio that has released albums to high praise that continue their punk heritage.

Quirky, polished and erudite, SHOPPING has proven to be one of the fresher post-punk bands to experience in London. Their latest album, Why Choose, is sure to get you off your feet, if not for the strong rhythms and dirty basslines, then perhaps for the astute commentary.

SHOPPING are a must-see for any post-punk fan!


BIG JOANIE by Elise Rose

Photo by Elise Rose

On their Bandcamp page they refer to themselves as “The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY and riot grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis”. If you are a fan of punk and that doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will!

BIG JOANIE provide a refreshing injection of vitality into the punk scene in London. The trio of black feminist punks have been making a name for themselves in recent years with their energetic and melodic brand of post-punk euphoria.

They have propelled themselves to the forefront of punk with their banging bass lines, grimy guitar riffs and superb lyricism. BIG JOANIE are an awesome addition to the post-punk scene that provide an example of the evolution of both punk and feminism in music.


Fast, frantic and rarely quiet. Frau is all-female post punk band that is as hardcore feminist as they are hardcore punk. Their swagger and general demeanour would have you think they are the reincarnation of the punk greats.

With reckless abandon, they have traversed stages and tents for a few years now, continually pumping out extreme distortion and powerful vocals.
Their refusal to submit to a conventional punk scene that has little regard for female bands is admirable and important.

Their power and flippancy is an achievement in and of itself, and is made even more vital because it is delivered alongside their cutting lyrics and monstrous riffs.
Frau provides a sound that refuses to be dampened and is a vital part of the female post-punk scene in London.

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