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Topshelf Records offers “Breakdance Suburbia” by THE JAZZ JUNE!

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A couple of weeks prior to their November 11, 2014 release of “After The Earthquake”, THE JAZZ JUNE are offering a new digital version of their 1999 album “Breakdance Suburbia”! THE JAZZ JUNE were active from 1996 to 2004 and released their last album, “Better Off Without Air, in 2002. They reunited in 2007 and now are back with their new album, detailed below.

The Jazz June was one of the biggest bands during emo’s creative heyday during the ’90s, distinguishing themselves through a combination of intense musical ambition and accessible pop songwriting. The Pennsylvania four-piece released their last album Better Off Without Air in 2002, shortly before disbanding, but they’ve reunited just in time to catch the current emo revival wave. On Nov. 11, Topshelf Records will release the band’s first full-length recording in 12 years.

After the Earthquake will include 10 new songs produced by emo revivalist Evan Weiss (aka Into It. Over It.), including “Edge of Space.” Frontman Andrew Low, who relocated to London after the group’s breakup, says that the song “is loosely based on the story of Felix Baumgartner, who broke the record for skydiving 25 miles from space.

“It is also involves his medical director Dr. Jonathan Clark, whose astronaut wife Laurel was killed in the explosion of the space shuttle Colombia, and who has since dedicated his life to improving astronauts’ chances of surviving a high-altitude disasters. It is a song about loss and moving on, and learning through that process that you actually miss the person more as time goes on, but you find your own way to cope,” Low says.

“This ties into one of the main themes of After the Earthquake: How do you move on after a life-altering event, or a new phase of life? Sometimes it feels like you have woken up on another planet. This can be a good thing, but how do we act in this new chapter? I’m still trying to figure it out.” / Entertainment Weekly




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