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Toronto melodic indie pop punk rockers SIXTEEN SCANDALS share new single “A Mate Worse Than Death”

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Alright, indie pop punks, we’ve got some powerpop new tunes to feed you today. Meet SIXTEEN SCANDALS, a three-piece hailing from Toronto, Canada. These guys are all about catchy, melodic, and uptempo tracks with a bit of bite to balance out their pop punk influences. Today, we’re exclusively dropping their latest single, “A Mate Worse Than Death,” and you can taste it below!

In case you’re not familiar with SIXTEEN SCANDALS, let me catch you up. These three goofballs have already dropped two albums and a slew of EPs. This year, they’ve shifted gears to focus on releasing singles.

According to the band, “We feel like releasing music consistently and making fun content on social media instead of dumping an album and disappearing after 3 weeks.” So far, they’ve dropped four singles, includng previously released “To The Victor Go The Soils,” “We’re Off And Need The Wizard,” and “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Poser.” Each of these tracks comes with its own unique characters and content on their socials, making them a must-follow for fans.

“A Mate Worse Than Death” is a cheeky take on the worst kind of guy—a self-absorbed, alpha male douchebag who objectifies everything and everyone without a hint of accountability.

The band describes the track as a first-person narrative from this jerk’s perspective, making it both hilarious and thought-provoking.

It starts off flirting with pop punk vibes but then hits you with an anthemic chorus that’ll have you yelling along, “That Fucking Guy!” It’s got an irresistible hook that’s sure to spark some self-reflection because, let’s be real, we’ve all been THAT guy at some point.

Sixteen Scandals

Despite their current single-release strategy, SIXTEEN SCANDALS seem to be weaving a thematic thread through their latest tracks. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that their song titles are all malapropisms. Previously, they dropped “Dorkmanteau,” a collection of portmanteaus, and “Nothing to C here,” an album full of songs in the key of C.

It’s clear these guys love a good wordplay and aren’t afraid to get creative with their themes.

Sixteen Scandals

Keep an eye on their socials to see what quirky ideas they come up with next or just to catch some hilarious content like a wizard getting hit by a car.

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