TOUCHE AMORE Daytrotter sessions available

TOUCHE AMORE‘s Daytrotter Sessions is streaming at this location.

The band performed 4 of their songs: “Hideaways“, “Suckerfish“, “Sesame” and “Method Act“.

Here’s the official commentary:

Touche Amore’s Jeremy Bolm sings on Hideaways, “You can’t expect to understand love if you admire lonely singers,” and the words are meant to hit like tenpennies spraying from a nail gun that’s got a gummed up trigger. They’re also meant to hit like a fist to the gut, or something as close to reality as they can get. He’s just looking to point out a vicious cycle, or a sad truth, whatever it might be. It brings you to your knees a little bit, a humbled ball of flesh. Who are any of us to believe in the love pinned up and paraded for cathartic purposes by the writers of the only record or history of that particular emotion, when it was mostly seen as a grand loss?

Bolm, guitarists Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt, bassist Tyler Kirby and drummer Elliot Babin of the Los Angeles, California, band have taken it upon themselves to peel back the skin to get to the crux of their emotional states, all at great cost and with excruciating pain. The squalls and howls that Bolm offers reverberate right through your body, singeing all exposed surfaces and sending a throbbing discomfort into your center. He knows when he’s at his worst and he knows when he’s not himself, just like he believes we all do. A lot of times, those are sinking feelings that make us feel like we’ve spent the last hour drinking curdled milk and eating spoiled fruit.

Touche Amore songs are short and precise expulsions of the clatter that can overtake a head — that can strip a heart of its cushion. They are coarse and still they are touching for they’re coming from a person at a place that doesn’t feel as dangerous as it does aware. There are the fits of rage that Bohn offers at the outset of songs, but before long, these have settled down and they’ve been downgraded to minor disturbances. Things have been let loose – sentiments have been expressed and there’s been some kind of saner regard given to what all of these thoughts feel like. He has “these issues that you can’t describe” and it’s why he drives alone, why he is alone, but he believes in singing, “Hallelujah,” if you’ve never tried it before. The worst that it can do is keep it all feeling the way it already does.

Photo by Blow The Scene.

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