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Two decades later: krishnacore / vegan straight edge band NYSHYNGA gets a reissue of “The Highest Class of Killing”

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After a long wait of nearly twenty years, Nyshynga’s seminal work, “The Highest Class of Killing,” has finally found its place in the hardcore scene with a proper release. This album, initially recorded between 2000 and 2002 and distributed only by the band in 2004 as a 13-track CDR, represents a pivotal moment for the band and the Polish hardcore scene. The 2023 remastered edition, released by Spook Records in a jewel case format, breathes new life into the tracks, thanks to Marcin Czajka from Coalition.

Nyshynga, active for eight years and rooted in a vegetarian/vegan, drug-free lifestyle influenced by Krishna Consciousness, has always stood at the crossroads of innovation and hardcore ethos.

“The bands we played in previously (Healing and Pain Runs Deep) were straight edge bands, and that was our background,” reflects Wojtek. Their approach to music and life was shaped by their experiences and fascinations. They explored Krishna Consciousness, chanted, and even wore bags with corals for their album’s photo session, symbolizing their connection to these spiritual roots.

However, the band never considered themselves strictly a krishnacore band, nor did they use this term to describe their music.

Their material from “The Highest Class of Killing” was perceived as too brutal for the Hare Krishna stage at Woodstock, Poland’s largest rock festival, leading to their exclusion from the event. Simultaneously, their unique approach made them somewhat incomprehensible to the mainstream hardcore scene. “We were outcasts, which brought us both frustration and satisfaction,” says the band.

The album’s lyrical content reflects a deep engagement with the world’s state, viewed through the Bhagavat-gita’s lens, particularly its 16th chapter.

“The texts are mainly a poetic review of the modern world,” the band shares. Even years later, the members see how the world is veering towards a totalitarian trap, a viewpoint that their album had hinted at years ago.

Regarding the new release, the band expresses gratitude towards Dawid from Spook Records for giving “The Highest Class of Killing” the release it deserves. The impact of this release, they believe, is more profound now than when it was first released in 2004. “I still think these are good songs,” a member comments, viewing the original recordings with a sense of nostalgia.


While Nyshynga does not plan a reunion or concerts with this material, the members continue their musical journeys. Damian plays in Siaki and Fifidroki, Bart in End Forest, and another member in Time Is The Ruler. This enduring involvement in music underscores their commitment to the hardcore and metal scenes, even as they move forward with their individual projects.


“The Highest Class of Killing” stands not just as a historical artifact but as a testament to Nyshynga’s unique place in the hardcore scene. Its release is a reminder of the band’s pioneering spirit and their unwavering commitment to their art, beliefs, and the power of music as a tool for reflection and change.


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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