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Ugly d-beat metal punk outfit UTANFÖRSKAPET streaming new killer EP

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Swedish crust d-beat punks UTANFÖRSKAPET have unveiled the full stream of their new EP ‘Skärvor Från Livet’, a riveting bomb that’s unlikely to attract fans of polished sounds and radio friendly tunes. UTANFÖRSKAPET strike with tons of deliberate discordance that are as frequent as the buried, ugly melodious gems. Enjoy!

Four new tracks from Utanförskapet, and this is total brilliance when it comes to making some killer d-beat raw mangel tunes. Raging furiosity and social despair is what we could get packaged in this one. As it’s been talking about “members of” in so many contents, I’d like to say that the ”former” Uncurbed would say a lot to what you can expect here. Soundwise like their 90:ties era, total excellence!


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