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VENGEANCE TODAY call it quits! (2007-2015)

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German hardcore band VENGEANCE TODAY have decided to part their ways due to one of the crew member’s new commitments. Check out the official word from Johann below and be sure to check out IDIOTEQ’s previous features on VENGEANCE TODAY at this, this and this location.

The past 7 years brought many changes into the lives of everyone in this band. But there was always one constant thing. Everybody wanted to be a part of a DIY hardcore band, play shows and write songs. Since I listened to Allegiance and Champion for the first time in 2006 and even more since I attended the Verse/Go it Alone show in Lichtenstein back in 2007, I wanted to reproduce at least a glimpse of the feeling I had when I listened to the music or saw bands playing live.
We were lucky enough to play almost all over Europe in the last 7 years. But I don’t know what would be if Anchors Aweigh and Never Come Back didn’t go on tour with us in April of 2010. Looking back on the tons of shows we played, there are just too many people to thank for everything they did for us.
To be a part of a small DIY hardcore band means to deal with lots of ups and downs. I guess I speak for everyone in Vengeance Today, when I say that all of us stayed into it because we simple loved what we do – make music, drive thousands of kilometers together in a van and play shows for those who care.
For a quit a while, some of us had to find the balance between private life and jobs on the one hand and touring/playing shows on the other hand. That’s when I learned to respect bands who do 100 shows and more per year. As well as bands from other countries come to play a show during their tour – sometimes for a pot of noodles, some water/cheap beer, a place to lay down after the show and money just enough to put some gas in the tank.
Of course nothing in this scene would be possible if there weren’t people who risk their money on setting up shows, people who care about promoting these shows, taking care of the bands, give them food and let them sleep at their own, their friends or their parents places.
I am going to become a dad in October. At this point I know that it won’t be possible for me to continue with this band as we used to. And after all the time I don’t want this band to become a rehearsal room band which plays one show in their hometown every 6 months and that’s it.
We gonna do 4 more shows in September. It’s kinda sad but also special for us and I hope to see everybody there one more time.
Thanks a lot!

Final tour dates:

18.09.15 TBA
25.09.15 TBA

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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