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VERMIN WOMB: American Blackened Deathgrind Butchers About to Release Most Violent Album of the Year; new track streaming now!

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San Francisco Bay Area darkness-obsessed DIY indie label Sentient Ruin Laboratories is extremely proud and honored to announce the release of Decline, the monstrous debut album by Colorado-based blackened death-grind heathens VERMIN WOMB. Decline will be released on tape by Sentient Ruin in collaboration with Hibernation Release on October 28 2016, while an LP version will see the light on the same day through Translation Loss Records (US vinyl) and Throatruiner Records (EU vinyl), while Translation Loss will also be handling the digital and CD version worldwide.

Vermin Womb are one of the most antagonist, hostile, and nihilistic extreme metal acts to have ever ravaged the North American extreme metal underground. Rising in Denver, CO from the ashes of local blackened grind/sludge band Clinging To The Tress of A Forest Fire, Vermin Womb have been conceived by CTTTOAFF vocalist/guitarist Ethan Lee McCarthy (now also/mainly vocals/guitar in Primitive Man) and CTTTOAFF bassist Zach Harlan, to be a continuation of their past collaboration and as a cathartic conduit for their most tormented and unconceivable nightmares.

To achieve their sonic hell on earth Vermin Womb have chosen the weapons of grindcore, black and death metal and have fused them together in a bestial arsenal of auditive sonic weaponry that shall stand as one of the most inverted, wrong, and morally (and physically) unacceptable and unbearable manifestations of musical horror ever put to tape. Essentially an absolute  must for all fans of similarly abhorrent manifestations of total sonic chaos and depravity as seen from bands like Revenge, Knelt Rote, Portal, Adversarial, Pissgrave, Watchmaker, Full of Hell etc. If you liked our last releases by Altarage, Wake, VRTRA and Unyielding Love, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find yet another addition to the growing list of the most heavy and violent releases we’ve ever been involved with.

ped the fuck out by its absurd heaviness. It’s nasty, forceful stuff, and it scratches a primordial itch that only this kind of gutter slime can really reach. Listen.

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