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Vermont punk rockers Nick Grandchamp And The People Watchers are back with new song & video; watch “Survival Crimes” here!

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“Survival Crimes is a five minute true story that I wrote about growing up in a struggling, working class home here in Vermont.” – says our longtime collaborator Nick Grandchamp from Vermont (also of the band River City Rebels). “It’s not only about growing up within the crippling weight of poverty it also touches on the crimes that we do to ourselves and others because of the constant struggle that people endure living within the force of poverty.”

“It’s about the damage and trauma that stays with you, it’s about that feeling that will never go away, it’s the understanding that being in constant survival mode for decades becomes a disservice to your physical and mental health.” – he continues.

Survival Crimes is for the dead end kids who had nothing but a heart to live off of.

“This is for the people who had to fight for everything they had. My message with survival crimes is to keep fighting.” – says Nick.

Nick Grandchamp And The People Watchers

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