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VERSE interviewed by Legends Arising

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Legends Arising had a perfect chance to interview one of our favourite hardcore punk bands, the recently reunited VERSE. The band performed their new song at Groezrock festival 2012 on April 28th, 2012. Go here to see the footage.

 What did you miss the most about playing this music during near 3 years you stopped?

Sean: Most of all things we missed the connection we had with people. The people in the audience, but there are just some people who are always there and when we stopped we just stopped seeing those people as well. That is something we all really missed. We both kept playing music, doing projects, but we all felt like the chemistry wasn’t there, so that’s something we missed as well I guess.

What did your lives look like during the band’s hiatus?

Sean: As I said we were all still keeping ourselves busy with music. I have been working on a project and Zak had a couple, like five or so?
Zak: Yes, we all basically kept making music in other bands and work.
Sean: Oh yeah, we worked a lot, at least I did. A lot of making pizzas (laughs).

Go here to read the full interview.

Photo by Face The Show.

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