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This band marked one of my greatest emo / melodic punk discoveries in late 2014. TREEHOUSES come from Lisbon, Portugal and feature members of KIDS DECAY, THE SKROTES, AWAKE, and more hardcore punk bands. “Treehouses”, while incredibly short, is a heavily enjoyable record that draw positive parallels with nostaligc emo soundscapes and post hardcore energy. Touching lyrics, an intensely emotional compositions, and catchiness in a melancholic manner. I couldn’t wait to hear more from these guys, so I caught up with them for a short video interview. They were so nice to sit down and introduce themselves, talk about their beginnings, Lisbon music scene, other artists worth checking out, and future plans.

TREEHOUSES released a demo and a highly addictive debut EP, available for streaming and free download below. The band has just announced a new 4-song split with Phoenix, Arizona’s shoegazers DAISY FACE. Please consider donating a few bucks to help cover their costs and provide us more fantastic tunes!

Be sure to turn your speakers up as the sound quality and its original volume is not perfect. One video answers a string of 7 questions, but fear not – the band read each one aloud too. Watch the full interview divided into 8 parts below!

Ok guys, let’s shoot a proper introduction to the band. How did you get into punk scene? What’s your background?

How did you start TREEHOUSES? Have you all been friends for a while?

What’s different in your approach that’s pushed you to write a bit more indie/emoish tunes?

Does it mean you’re moving towards performing something that you feel more connected to?

How is Lisbon’s punk scene these days from your perspective? Can you introduce it to the readers who are not acquainted with its story?

Are you going to be doing live shows outside your country any time soon? Are there already some real touring plans for 2015?

How about some new music? Are you already working on a full length? Do you feel like your bigger release could come to fruition next year?

Where do you get your inspiration for the tracks that you write? What has shaped you as a storytellers?

What do you hope your listeners take away from your lyrics?

All of your songs are written in English. Was it a conscious decision? Aren’t you tempted to write in your native language?

What is your goal for TREEHOUSES?

Ok guys. What local acts would you recommend to our readers to mess up with their 2014 “best ofs”? ;)


Ok guys. Thanks a lot for your time. Tell us what are your plans for the future and feel free to add anything you like.

Cheers from Poland and take care buddies!

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