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Vienna horror punk rockers THE SPAULDINGS teasing new album with new single and music video

Fresh off our recent mega feature on horror punk, Vienna horror punk’n’rollers THE SPAULDINGS join us to keep up the hype of the almost forgotten genre and give you their new music video for the single “Run Rabbit Run”!

The song comes from the band’s upcoming full-length “Tie the Knot”, which will be released in March on Sick Taste records.

Fast, raw and energetic, the new single is a 2-minute song inspired by Rob Zombies movie House of Thousand Corpses, which also served as the inspiration for their band name.

“We see the horrorpunk scene slowly evolving again.” – comments the band. “We are thrilled by all the recent releases of both new and old bands. And of course we are excited by the touring that is picking up again.”

“There is an extraordinary support in this scene and a lot of DIY projects and we couldn’t be more comfortable among all the Horrorpunk artists and we certainly feel that this niche is the right place for us to make music.”

The Spauldings

The Spauldings recently signed with DIY Label ‘Sick Taste Records’ in Essen, Germany. The band is looking forward to play more shows in support of their new album in early 2023 and beyond!

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