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“Waking Moment” – Denver shoegazin’ post punk act LOWFAITH release new cinematic video

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Formed in 2015 across the state lines of Colorado and Wyoming, LOWFAITH‘s vision has been focused on capturing the sounds of the beauty and isolation that surrounded us throughout our lives. Building from the goth rock and shoegazing roots shown on our self-titled EP in 2016, the 2018 debut LP, On Loss, showed a “flash of cavernous post-punk caprice” (Alternative Press). CvltNation.com stated, “there is a definite moodiness and gloom to these songs that hits right in the heart,” adding that it was “a dark, brooding, dramatic record, and a stellar new offering to the masses.” 2020 sees the band back with a new 5 song EP titled Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing, out this July on Flesh and Bone Records, and today we’re stoked to give you their new single and music video “Waking Moment”.

Comments the band:

“Earth Falls Quiet returns to where On Loss left off, while building off that base and often expanding into brighter, almost optimistic territories, all through the same dream like lens and dramatic takes on existence. We hope you enjoy the songs, and we’re so grateful for your time and consideration.”

LOWFAITH are going to be donating 100% of profits from the record to a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the family of Elijah McClain, who died in police custody after excessive force was used on him despite him having no weapon and having committed no crime, sadly a common theme in America recently. You can find more about this here.

We ask that you visit the following organizations and consider donating or volunteering your time.

The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) Works to empower members of the Black LGBTQ+ community. They focus on federal public policy and bridging the gap between the straight and LGBTQ+ communities in a fight to eradicate racism and homophobia.

The Black AIDS Institute fights to end the Black HIV epidemic through advocacy efforts, changing public policy, and providing resources to affected communities.

The Anti-Violence Project focuses on ending violence against members of the LGBTQ+ and HIV affected communities by offering free counseling services, educational resources, community organization, and policy and research efforts in NYC.

Asked about the content behind the lyrics, the band replied: “This song deals with the mental fall out from a collision our singer was involved in. We wanted the video to match the narrative of the song with visuals of nightmares blurring the lines between reality and fiction.”

Recorded and mixed by Derek Brannon Additional production by Adrian Kobziar ‘Mastered by Jay Maas / Lowfaith is: Derek Brannon – Guitars/Bass Cole Janzen – Vocals Alex Marchlowska – Live Bass Nathan Rodriguez – Drums/Synths Danny Steiner – Guitars/Synths/Bass

LOWFAITH by Jacki Vitetta
LOWFAITH by Jacki Vitetta

Lowfaith started in 2015 across Colorado and Wyoming, later becoming fully based in Colorado.

“With a self-titled EP in 2016, the 2018 full length On Loss on Sore Ear Collective, and a split with Indiana’s Angel-Maker in 2019, we’ve focused on blending influences from shoegaze, post punk, and other subgenres to form our own style of self-described gloom rock. Our new 5 song EP, Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing coming out August 7th via Flesh and Bone Records, continues to build on the sounds from our previous releases, while also visiting occasionally optimistic territories we had yet to touch on.”

LOWFAITH by Ty Smith
LOWFAITH by Ty Smith

“As for plans for 2020, we’ll be performing on a live stream at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs at 8PM on Saturday, June 27th with our friend DANGERMANCAM joining us. Find that at twitch.tv/theblacksheepco, donations received during the stream will also go to The Anti-Violence Project. After that, Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing, will be out August 7th on Flesh & Bone Records, and we’ve got a few cool projects together to go with the release that you’ll be seeing soon enough.”

LOWFAITH by Ty Smith
LOWFAITH by Ty Smith
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