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WAR ON BETTY unleashes music video for wild debut single “Chicken Bones”

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The charmingly vicious concoction of War on Betty releases a music video for the debut single, “Chicken Bones” – a two minute wild ride that fucks you up and sends chills down your spine as the psychedelic chaos provides a window into the mind of singer, WAR (Remmey).

Directed by Aj Cutler, the video will give you extra time inside the world of War as it designs a colorful, yet dynamic insight on what seems to be his origin story. This cinematic introspection is filled with nerve-biting transitions that will peak your curiosity as this upcoming band flips heavy metal on its ass.

War on Betty is the brainchild of Nate Novarro (Cobra Starship) and Kenton Remmey (Silence of You).

War On Betty

The two artfully illustrate the sadistic mind of WAR using mood swinging pop-riffs that quickly trigger blaring distortion: a place where disco meets metal.


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War on Betty cosplays genres to form what they coin, “Trailer Park Disco Metal” that craves mosh pits within this psyche-stage of fury.

Go feel the presence of War. Go watch this band!

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