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Watch the full clip of the “Ultimate Revenge 2” show

A YouTube user has posted the full-length video of the 1989 legendary metal documentary “The Ultimate Revenge 2”, featuring FORBIDDEN, FAITH OR FEAR, DEATH, DARK ANGEL and RAVEN.

The full length video has just been deleted, but here’s a collection of single videos :)

Forbidden‘s set list:
Feel No Pain
As Good as Dead
Through Eyes of Glass
Chalice of Blood

Faith or Fear‘s set list:
Punishment Area
What Would You Expect
Time Bomb

Death‘s set list:
Left to Die
Pull the Plug
Forgotten Past
Denial of Life

Dark Angel‘s set list:
The Death of Innocence
The Burning of Sodom
Death is Certain (Life is Not)
No One Answers

Raven‘s set list:
Lay Down the Law
Into the Jaws of Death
You Gotta Screw Loose
Gimme a Break

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