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“WE ARE CRUCIAL POINT #4”, the final episode of Berlin hardcore punk band CRUCIAL POINT documentary streaming!

“WE ARE CRUCIAL POINT #4” is the final episode of the little but goldish documentary about the Berlin based hardcore punk band CRUCIAL POINT (GO HERE to see previous 3 episodes). Today, we’re giving you the first airing of the video, along with the band’s commentary and fresh news about their upcoming new release, coming up later this month.

The band comments: “Part #4 and last episode of the documentary WE ARE CP faithfully follows the principle of introducing the band members. This last time is dedicated to the drummer and band founder Dennis aka D-Boi who tells us what made him decide to start a new band project and what it means to also be best friends with such a bunch of crazy guys.

Once again you get a deep insight into the life of the band. Tons of scenes from the last recording sessions for the upcoming release, private impressions of the other members and again a lot of footage from their last live shows. You get a good insight into the growth and development of the band and how they deal with the current restrictions due to the worldwide Covid-19 situation.”


CRUCIAL POINT by Hannes Greve 


“Soli-Action till July 11th 2020 Help to support DIY-punk-venues to overcome financial difficulties related to corona (and capitalism). We are a loose bunch of DIY-Punk-Bands, who share stages, scene and friendship and now – as this is a difficult situation for many – we want to support DIY-Structures that we’ve benefited from over the past years and wouldn´t be able to exist without them! More info HERE.

Fear, uncertainty, misanthropy, social regression – these are words to describe a dystopian sci-fi novel, but it’s also ur pleasure to use these words to tease the new upcoming release from CRUCIAL POINT called ‘REGRESSION’, slated for a July 24th release!


“From tons of new songs and ideas we chose our 6 favourites to get produced by Jan Oberg Hidden Planet Studio and to be spread digital on 24/07/2020.” – adds the band.


CRUCIAL POINT by Hannes Greve 

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