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WESTING releases new track from his new split with TRAVELER’S COLD

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Matt Mascarenas of DAYTRADER and HEARTLESS BREAKERS (interviewed for IDIOTEQ here and here) is releasing a split EP under his side project WESTING in December. The split is with TRAVELER’S COLD (Sam Richards of CULT LEADER), a good friend of Matt’s, who he has been creating music with the past decade in projects like REVIVER and the aforementioned HEARLESS BREAKERS. Now the two are choosing to collaborate in a new way and it is my pleasure to give you a glance into the full record, before it is released on December 11th via Mountain Music.


Matt commented:

My girlfriend and I started seeing each other in 2012 while I was still in Daytrader. We didn’t get much time together due to touring and living in different states, so I would go down to Richmond, VA or she’d travel up to Boston in-between tours.

I rented out my bedroom in Boston while I was on the tour Daytrader broke up on and decided to spend as much time as I could living in Richmond while I figured out what to do with myself. My girlfriend and I decided to move back to Salt Lake City together a month later.

We were finally together and knowing that it wasn’t going to all go away in a week, and it felt great. Slowly, the stress of relocating, running out of money, and not being able to find work started to kick in. One day, I was sitting in the corner of our empty apartment playing guitar and she mentioned she liked what I was playing and jokingly suggested I turn it into a song about us. I finished this song to remind us how we already put in the hard work of ending up together; money and other daily stresses shouldn’t ever compare.

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