Which Vampire Metal Bands Should You be Listening To?

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Vampire Band by DALL-E

Metal is one of the only genres of music in which fancy dress is the norm. Part of creating an image as an act in the genre involves a dress code or theme, usually centered on something shocking or terrifying. This has been a successful model for bands like Kiss, Slipknot, and Lordi.

Vampires have endured in entertainment for centuries, and it’s no surprise that some metal bands model themselves on the creatures of the night. There are a few vampire-inspired metal acts that you should be listening to if you haven’t heard them already.

Vampires Have Permeated Every Area of Entertainment – Even Metal

References to vampires in popular culture can be traced back to 1047 when an Old Russian text introduced the concept. Fast forward almost a millennium later, and the blood-sucking fiends are everywhere. There’s no doubt that Bram Stoker’s Dracula brought mass attention to vampires, and various adaptations of the book and the character have immortalized them throughout the entertainment industry.

The most obvious place to find vampires is in film, with countless offerings over the years. IDIOTEQ has listed some of the best in the genre including The Hunger, Nosferatu, and All the Moons. Interest in the creatures of the night has spilled over into television as well, with some recent vampire titles including Dracula and True Blood.

Vampire offerings have also permeated the iGaming market, with many slots using the theme to attract players. Online slot developers stick to genres that they know are going to appeal to a broad range of personality types. Immortal Romance is one of the top vampire reel spinners on Betway, and it’s up there with the best titles ever made. It has also inspired other vampire-themed games in the slots market like Vampire Riches and Blood Thirst.

Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth aren’t explicitly a vampire band, but they share many similarities with the creatures of the night. There’s no doubt that they have been heavily inspired by works like Dracula as well. The British extreme metal band is known for their elaborate and darkly romantic lyrical themes, which often touch on vampirism and gothic horror. Albums like Dusk… and Her Embrace and Cruelty and the Beast feature vampire-inspired stories and atmospheres.

The band was formed in Suffolk in 1991 and has remained on the edge of the mainstream in metal ever since. Dani Filth and company have a dedicated set of followers, though, and one of the main reasons people go to see them live is for the theatrical performances. Cradle of Filth are considered among the most influential bands in the gothic metal scene. According to Blabbermouth, the group will soon have an unprecedented collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

Theatres des Vampires

If you’re looking for a band that’s more closely related to vampires, Theatres des Vampires is a great option. The Italian gothic metal band uses a vast amount of vampire-themed music and imagery, and their records are renowned for their dark and atmospheric qualities. They got together in 1994 and have had various members over the years. Despite lineup changes, the group is still going strong and touring regularly.

According to Scarlet Records, Sonya Scarlet has been the lead vocalist since 2004, after replacing Lord Vampyr. Before her addition, the group was more heavily vampire-focused with albums like The Vampire Chronicles and Bloody Lunatic Asylum. While keeping with the vampire theme, the band now explores other themes such as metamorphism.


There are no prizes for guessing what inspired the band Vampire’s name and style. The Swedish metal band has been heavily influenced by the creatures of the night in popular culture, with the members all dressing up in black clothing and recording most of their videos at night.

Vampire explores various genres including death and thrash metal, and the lead singer, Hand of Doom, is known for his ferocious vocal style. Other band members include Black String, Command, and Sepulchral Condor. The music pays homage to the 80s and 90s metal scene, but also blends contemporary elements.

If you like vampire-based content and want to enjoy the blood-sucking demons in other ways, it could be time to listen to some metal bands that are inspired by vampires. These are some of the best options, but there are many others such as Grow Grow and Tribulation.

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