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WITHERS / GOLDUST interviewed by Some Will Never Know Zine

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WITHERS and GOLDUST talked with Henry from TAKE IT BACK Records / Some Will Never Know Zine about their 2012 tour.

Why did you choose WITHERS to tour with? Bernd, why didn’t you guys say no to their offer? I mean those guys are tremendous aggressive, self-destructive and truly not the nicest persons on earth.

Christoph: We did not “choose” WITHERS, but we already knew Bernd, Roman and Mike as they had another band we played some shows with and they are really great people. I mean they stink and snore as hell, but we get along with them really well and totally dig their music (of course). This may sound like the typical post-tour-best-friends-now-so-awesome-talk, but the only other band we got along this well before is DEATHRITE from Ostdeutschland. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with people I like this much. We’ve always been lucky when it comes to bands we tour with I guess. I also remember your old band, Henry – THE REALNESS (R.I.P.!) – and ATTITUDE (USA, R.I.P., too!).

Chris: I think the initial idea of touring together came when I was on a brief visit in Linz during the summer. LIFE AND DEATH Records was just about to release WITHERS’ debut 7”, and while having a few drinks with them I mentioned that we (GOLDUST) are planning to tour in October and were looking for a band to come along with us. The rest was countless emails.

Bernd: We had a lot of talks in the band how to start playing live with WITHERS – there was an idea about doing one or two week enders and then just see what happens. As the whole thing with LIFE AND DEATH Records came up Chris visited us in Linz and it was as amazing hanging out with him as some years ago when we met each other for the first time… I guess at this evening we decided we have to tour together ASAP. It was amazing spending every day and night together with these amazing people and watch them play.

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