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THE WOKEN TREES – “The Need” video

THE WOKEN TREES have released a new video for their song “The Need”, which serves a kind a farewell due to the fact they are putting the band on hold for live shows. The sad rock quintet will have a final show in Copenhagen on the 29th at Bremen Theater and this particular video was shot during their performance at this year’s Grauzone Festival in Amsterdam.

Photo by Jonas Bang.

Less ‘stage props’ and more eccentric Danish youth, the band voluntary swapped their practice space in an old hay loft in the already desolate Danish village of Tversted for the freezing cold cellar of an abandoned villa just outside Copenhagen, where they honed their craft by both living and playing together constantly. These masochistic and draining sessions managed to capture the band’s penchant for isolation yet also retain an air of reserved Nordic despair, all while leading to enough material for debut album, NNON. Cold and remorseless, bleak and nihilistic; NNON was released by Fuzz Club Records this past March and instantly catapulted the band to the forefront of the underground music scene throughout Scandinavia and earned rave reviews in Denmark’s largest music magazines such as GAFFA and Soundvenue.

Relentless tourers known for their legendary frenetic and raw live shows, last year saw the band spread their chaotic energy everywhere from warehouse parties in Berlin and Italy, large scale venues in both Scandinavia and the Netherlands, not to mention appearances at Roskilde Festival and the swiftly growing Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. As The Woken Trees are currently working hard on the creating of their second studio album they will only give several rare live appearances this year.

”With an acute sense of style, The Woken Trees have impressed music lovers with their self-assured debut album NNON. Their post punk update sounds like Joy Division heading for some occult mass at midnight: The bleakness of Manchester replaced with the claustrophobia of the deep woods. Moodily, they dwell on their evil bass lines, insisting rhythms and jarring guitars. Take a trip into The Woken Trees’ black labyrinth. Even on the brightest of summer days, the sun will have a hard time finding its way.”– Roskilde Festival

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