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WOLFxDOWN interviewed by Sheffield Animal Friends

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Here’s a new WOLFxDOWN interview for Sheffield Animal Friends. The band commented: “Go read and support this encouraged group promoting veganism and fighting animal abuse.”

Can you tell us something about any other bands members of Wolf Down have been or are involved with?

We’re just four down to earth people, mostly students and I am a remedial teacher. We have several hobbies like sports,skateboarding and playing music. Everyone in Wolf Down has been involved in other bands before. ¾ of us played in a vegan edge band called Sink Or Swim, we’ve been touring the UK with Broken Teeth in 2009, maybe you caught us somewhere.

Besides being busy for Wolf Down, which honestly can claim a relevant part of our leisure, we’re doing several other things that are related to hardcore/punk.

Larissa and me are running a small distro and we’re tabling sometimes, here and there combined with vegan catering. Also everyone in WD is involved in putting up shows now and then, on that score Merlin is mostly involved promoting shows in Münster. Larissa is also supporting bands with graphic design, Tommy runs a small DIY label called “New Order Records” and is actually working on more upcoming releases. Besides that some of us take part in various radical left actions and emancipatory struggles. For example supporting campaigns and participating in local organisations.

Go here to read the full interview.

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